How many consultants do you know who are willing to back their services with a Guarantee? How about this: If you qualify to be our client, then you will not only receive multiple major and legacy gifts as a result of our services, but you will see a return on your investment in our fees with a minimum of 20 times that amount in new or newly identified gifts to your organization.

To be clear:  We Guarantee that either you will raise new gifts and legacy commitments, or identify commitments you did not know about, in an amount greater than 20 times your investment in your 12-month MajorGiftsNow package before it ends, or we will continue to consult for no additional fees for as many months as it takes until you have achieved that goal. 

You may wonder how we can make such a bold, and some might even say crazy, guarantee.  The systems we use are proprietary systems developed by our technological partner to be used to electronically engage your donors. The systems have been used by well over 100 not-for-profit organizations to cultivate their own databases and to identify and engage those donors and prospects who want to connect more with the charity and its work. Continual engagement leads to higher gifts received, quicker, and more efficiently.

We can make the bold guarantee of 20 times your investment because the typical results of charities that have used the system for the first time are actually much higher. Please contact us for a full presentation, which will not only include examples of results from various charities and types of campaigns, but will be customized to include organizations similar to yours in size of database, the number of donors, fundraising achievement, and type or focus of the organization.

(Note: While we are pleased to continue to work without additional remuneration for any client who has not reached the goal of 20 times their investment, in order to continue to benefit from your website and drip emails, monthly fees to our technology partner will still need to be continued.)