Standard Agreement

We have a very simple agreement that we sign with our clients. It is written clearly and is easy to understand. If we thought we needed legalese to do business with you, we wouldn’t do business with you. We hope you feel the same about us. The only purpose of a written agreement is to make sure that people of integrity can look at it and remember what they agreed to.

MajorGiftsNow Agreement

  1. You give us money, We’ll help you raise more money. 
  2. We’ll start when you hand us the check or wire the money. Other checks or wires are expected before or on the anniversary of that date per the schedule below. 
  3. You are paying for results, not time. We will put in as much time as needed to get the results promised.
  4. More results don’t necessarily take more time, but they might take more money. That is the power of technology.
  5. For best results, you must also sign a separate agreement with our technology partner, though all their fees will be included in the payments below and we will pay them on your behalf.
  6. We’ll listen to you. You listen to us. You tell us what you want, we’ll tell you what you need. 
  7. You want us to be on time, we want you to be on time. 
  8. What you raise is yours. What we help you raise is yours. What we raise for you is also yours.
  9. Your donors are your donors, not ours. 
  10. The story of your success with the program is both yours and ours.
  11. We’ll try not to be jerks, you should do the same. 
  12. If you want the same result you’ve been getting, then do the same thing you’ve been doing. If you want different results, then try things our way.
  13. Benchmarks: Every package will come with customized monthly benchmarks as an addendum to this agreement so that you know what you can expect and when you can expect it, as well as what will be expected of you.
  14. Our Guarantee: you will raise new gifts and legacy commitments, or identify commitments you did not know about, totaling $2 million or more within the year, an amount 20 times your investment in your 12-month MajorGiftsNow package, or we will continue to consult for no additional fee for as many months as it takes until you have achieved that goal. (Note: Fees to our technology partner still need to be paid monthly to continue to benefit from your website and drip emails.) 
  15. Cancellation: We suspect you will be so thrilled with the process and with the results of our services that you will want to extend rather than cut short our agreement. However, should you desire to cancel this agreement, we ask the courtesy of at least one month’s notice.
  16. Payment Schedule: 

On Signing:  $28,500

Month 7: $6,500

Month 2:  $6,500

Month 8:  $6,500

Month 3:  $6,500

Month 9:  $6,500

Month 4:  $6,500

Month 10:  $6,500

Month 5:  $6,500

Month 11:  $6,500

Month 6:  $6,500

Month 12:  $6,500

Agreed on ___________________ Date:

______________________________________ Your Organization

___________________  Your Signature ______________Your Title  

________________________  Joshua C. Karlin, CEO