Our Purpose

The purpose of this blog, the website, my book, and the webinars are to teach you how to engage your major donors using technology, email and online. Ultimately I will show you how to automate the entire process, how you can have it all done for you.

My main goal is to provide value. I will teach you things you didn’t know, confirm things you did, and show you how to implement new systems to help you raise more major gifts and legacy gifts. That’s it. Seriously. Providing you value is my goal. Sure, I’m a consultant who gets paid to coach, but my purpose here is not to sell you my services. If I first show you that what I know might be valuable to you, then I won’t have to sell you anything.

Let’s be real. I have three options. 1. I can tell you I can help you raise more. 2. I can have colleagues tell you I can help you raise more. Or 3. I can just help you raise more. Which one do think is the most effective way to make my point?

So I’m going to teach some pretty good stuff. But I can’t teach everyone because unfortunately not everyone is teachable. Here’s what I can’t teach you:

  • If you are in management and the individuals goals you help each of your team set for the year are not in alignment with your organization’s goal, you have a bigger problem than raising more funds. You need to fix that.
  • If you think a little competition within your team is a good thing rather than supporting them in helping each other to achieve their goals for the organizational good, then I cannot help you.
  • If you’re pretty sure that you can get to the next level doing things the way you’ve always done them, then again, this probably isn’t for you.
  • Finally, if you’re sure the only way to raise money from your donors is to sit face to face with them as much as possible so you can get their gifts to fit your organizational priorities, then you first need to learn what it means to be donor centric.

Great. You’re still here. Let’s get started!