E-gagement™ marries the science of engagement to the art of relationship fundraising. E-gagement™ tools were developed based on the research of leaders in the field who identified the actions that engage donors and bring them closer to your work, paving the way for increased giving secured through personal meetings and relationship fundraising. E-gagement automates and accelerates the process of deepening your relationships so that your meetings are more productive and fruiful.

In his landmark study of 2016, Relationship Fundraising: Where do we go from here?, Dr Adrian Sargent notes that we need to communicate with our donors in new ways. We need to listen to them and give them choices.

    1. Do Donor Surveys.
    2. Move from intrusion to invitation and prove the value of your communications.
    3. The right messages at the right times deepen the relationship.
    4. Adapt to donor’s changing needs as she moves from Awareness to Exploration to Expansion to Commitment.

The E-gagement™ system automates that entire process. We all know the fundraising adage that if you want advice, ask for money, and if you want money, ask for advice. Well, when was the last time you asked for advice from someone other than one of your top donors or leaders?

The e-gagement™ system starts with an invitation to take a survey. We ask your donor for advice. Then, depending on the answers given, your donor receives a series of automated follow-up emails that engage her in the area of your work that she cares about most. Downloads with more information and links to videos on your work are provided and we track who clicks through and how long they watch the videos. We separate those who are more engaged and ready to be solicited from those who need more cultivation. That makes you more efficient.

We not only provide the right messages at the right time, we change the messages as the donor’s connections to you deepen. Giving moves from transactional to relational and ultimately becomes an expression of the donor’s deepest values, making your organization a conduit through which she can change the world.

In short, e-gagement™ deepens your donor’s relationship with you and your charity, ensures that you are meeting with the donors who are the most engaged and thus most likely to make a gift, leading to you being more efficient and your donors being happier and more engaged. A true win-win.