I learned long ago to only do business with people I’d be willing to do business with on a handshake. The purpose of a written agreement is to ensure that honest people remember what they agreed to. Thus this agreement is written in plain language and outlines key expectations for each of us.

MajorGiftsNow™ Standard Agreement

  1. You give me money, I’ll help you raise more money. 
  2. I’ll start when you hand me the check or wire me the money. Other checks are expected before or on the date due per the schedule below. 
  3. You are paying for results, not time. I will put in as much time as needed to get the results promised.
  4. More results don’t necessarily take more time, but they might take more money. That is the power of technology.
  5. I’ll listen to you. You listen to me. You tell me what you want, I’ll tell you what you need. 
  6. You want me to be on time, I want you to be on time. 
  7. What you raise is yours. What I help you raise is yours. What I raise for you is also yours.
  8. Your donors are your donors, not mine. 
  9. I’ll try not to be a jerk, you should do the same. 
  10. If you want the same result you’ve been getting, then do the same thing you’ve been doing. If you want different results, then try things my way.
  11. The proposal that this agreement is attached to will serve to outline the scope of the work and the goals to be achieved.
  12. Payment Schedule: Note that you may take a 5% discount for payment in full upfront



____________________Date__________     ____________________Date_________

Your Signature & Title                                                       Joshua C. Karlin, CEO MajorGiftsNow.com