There are only three ways I could use to convince you that you might be able to benefit from my expertise and the e-gagement™ system:

  1. I could tell you
  2. I could have colleagues and clients tell you
  3. I could show you

In truth, I can’t convince of you anything, so I’m not going to even try.

What I will do is spend 45 minutes with you on the phone, maybe even in person if you’re local, so that we can talk about ways in which you might be able to grow your development program dramatically.

Whether you need more donors, need to move lower donors up to larger gifts, need to increase the number of major gifts, need to increase the levels of your major gifts, or even launch or promote your legacy society, we’ll talk about opportunities for you to grow.

Our conversation will give you a roadmap to increase your fundraising achievement this year. You’ll have concrete action items you can get to work on immediately. And if you think you might need help implementing anything we talk about, then we can talk about my helping you as well.

And if you’d rather implement the plan yourself, then all is good. My greatest wish is for your success (with hiring me to help you with that not far behind!).

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Then, to allow me to prepare so you get the most out of our conversation, please fill out this short survey before we talk.

I look forward to talking to you soon!