E-gagement™ Marries the Science of Engagement with the Art of Relationship Fundraising to ensure you communicate with your donors the way they want to be communicated with. It starts with moving from “intrusion” to “invitation” by asking their opinions, and once we have their permission to contact them regularly with information about the things they care about most, we deepen the relationship with on-target messaging.

Ultimately the entire process can be automated and your meetings with donors will be more productive and efficient as you focus on the things they care about most and ask for gifts when they are most ready to be asked.

The steps include email invitations to take a survey, automated drip emails and social media drive interaction by offering free information and downloads about legacy giving and the campaigns you are raising funds for, and a microwebiste which not only hosts that information but tracks your donors’ interactions with it. All the interactions are scored on a dashboard which we use to prioritize your meetings for cultivation and solicitation.